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Organifi red juice

In this review, we take a look at Organifi Red Juice, a product that followed up on the very popular Organifi Green Juice but with an ingredient list very much it’s own.

So how does their Red Juice compare with the more established Green Juice? And what did I think of the taste, price, ingredients, and nutritional value?

Today I’m going to be reviewing organifi red juice. So organifi red juice is a California based supplement company. It was founded by drew Canole the company’s definitely best known for the green juice. Because of a big emphasis on coconut and ashwagandha.

This here’s the red juice it’s gonna be focused on acai berry and Claudius EPS a type of mushroom. They have some pretty interesting marketing claims associated with this on the site.

They say it has the hottest fat melting and skin firming superfoods in the world on the back of the table. It says these are metabolism-boosting and anti-aging superfoods it’ll ignite your metabolism.

It’ll help mental clarity and a bunch of other things. But before I get into all that, let’s see what it tastes like:

That is very pleasant about a quarter of this, by weight is a blend of berries like pomegranate and cranberry powder. Blueberry juice things like that and that is the predominant flavor.

I’m getting here is a nice mixed berry sort of flavor. There also is in the other ingredients says natural berry flavoring and some malic acid and Montfort as well for sweetener.

So all of that might be coming from the natural flavor. As the approach that berries themselves. But by and large, it’s very tasty. It’s also free from artificial sweeteners or anything like that. And there’s just one gram of sugar so should be pretty crowd-pleasing as far as the ingredients.

So let’s take a quick look at the nutrition label and the ingredients:

While this sort of does appears to be a nutritional supplement. There aren’t actually many vitamins and minerals listed here. All these talks about are the fact that it contains about 8,000 percent.

The recommended daily intake of vitamin b12 and there’s less than 1% of daily sodium that’s it. There are no other vitamins or minerals listed. Here what this product really emphasizes instead is the quality of the ingredients and the benefits.

They may confer so the real bog emphasis with organifi red juice is the antioxidant content. If you check out the marketing they claim eggs all these effects do largely a part of the antioxidants. So this does contain ingredients that are known for the antioxidant content this has 20 100 milligrams per serving of and aunt.

Chuck’s and a berry blend which does indeed have a lot of ingredients. at infancy, oxidants to get pomegranate juice powder, cranberry powder, blueberry juice powder, raspberry powder, and strawberry powder and they’re also some other green in this that are known for the antioxidants like acai juice powder.

The product is really short of making three big claims about what the product is able to do.

Organifi red juice

1. Anti-aging benefits:

Nootropics like ingredients that can potentially improve certain aspects of cognition and boosting metabolism.

So when it comes to the anti-aging benefits those seem to be largely the result of the antioxidants. They claim it has like a product claims the antioxidants.

They’re like be precise and substance you need for firming skin and preventing skin aging and things like that it is true that antioxidants are linked to reducing cellular damage.

So in some respects, they can potentially slow the onset of aging in some respects as to whether or not. This having specific and soak since you need for like you know reducing wrinkles. And things like that it’s not super Duper clear.

Anyway, after that, there’s a new topic. So again this ability to potentially improve the way the brain functions like aspects of cognition. This does indeed contain some ingredients.

That I’ll link to that so it’s got things that are pretty interesting there’s a lot of research. Trying them right now like reishi mushroom. Which has been linked to like improved subjective well-being lower anxiety.

Cordyceps powder which is another type of mushroom that is also been linked to effects like that. Also potentially improved workouts so that is pretty interesting. Then it has the metabolism-boosting aspect. so what it has here in the metabolism-boosting blend which there are 1.3 grams per serving is an acai juice powder, Rhodiola powder, and Siberian ginseng powder.

I didn’t really find many studies supporting a side use powder over to Yola powder for these effects Rhodiola does have some interesting effects. it could potentially improve endurance and like recovery from workouts. Because it is considered an adaptogen but not really stuff for improving the metabolism

However, there is Siberian ginseng powder here which does have more than one study linking it to a reduced-fat loss. Reduced an ounce of body fat. That is so there is that going for it although I do need to point out that these are all proprietary blends. So we don’t really know how much of each ingredient it contains which makes it a little bit harder to verify these claims.

We’d like some studies now when it comes to the price. I do really need to emphasize that the price can change at any time for any reason based on the season or the sale a strategy things like that but right now anyway one bottle of this is between 55 and 70 dollars they do really push a subscription model.

So you can get one bottle or three bottles or more than that a little bit per month which drops the price. A little bit but at the end of the day you’re looking at roughly between two thousand fifty cents per serving roughly generally speaking. So that is a little bit pricey for a superfood powder. Which are typically between like $1 and $1.50 per serving this is the price.

You know this is all organic and it’s got a pretty wide variety of ingredients. So you may find that price worth it so a few things that I quite liked about a gratifies red juice number one.

It is very tasty as I mentioned earlier superfood powders typically not all the time but they tend to taste a bit like soil. I find it’s a taste quite a bit like a juice cocktail like a berry juice cocktail. So I was pretty into the taste and that thing this contains England from organic artichoke that’s something.

 I didn’t Genelia but inulin is a prebiotic fiber. Which means that it can act as food for the probiotic bacteria living in your digestive tract. It’s been linked to improved Joseph’s health nutrient absorption things. 

That was pretty cool it’s a decent source of fiber as well there’s 7 grams of carbohydrates 2.45 us or at least percentage-wise decent source of fiber incredibly good amount of vitamin b12 here over 8,000 percent of the recommended daily intake.

That could be especially good news for people on plant-based diets. Where sometimes it can be a little bit tough to get enough vitamin b12 in the day. Finally, this products main claim here is that it is a great source of antioxidants. And antioxidants can help to like slow cellular damage and things like that.

They don’t really quantify the instructions very well here nonetheless it is full of ingredients that are known for being high in antioxidants. So there’s a pretty good chance this delivers a decent amount of antioxidants and the more. If you think that wasn’t quite so crazy about this product.

The price is a little bit expensive but a bigger issue. I had with it is that it’s not particularly transparent as I mentioned earlier on the nutritional label. The only vitamin mention here is b12 the early mineral mention is sodium. On which it basically has none but if you look at the marketing claims they’ll say things like this includes organic beetroot palette.

Because beetroots are a great source of folate and magnesium. But doesn’t say how much folio magnesium is in this particular product. So like I don’t know if this is a good source of oil at my museum on a similar note. There is a method of measuring antioxidants called the ORAC score. If you check out the website they say for instance. If they included a sigh geez powder because acai berries have an ORAC score of a hundred and two thousand.

Which is high but that’s actually the aurochs goal of 100 grams of acai berries like in this. There’s less than a gram. I don’t know how much is in this. But I don’t know the Oryx scores of this product. So it keeps talking a lot about how many instructions it has.

It doesn’t say how many hands yuxun’s. It has a little bit frustrating on a similar nerve Varys some pretty. If he claims associated with this so like for instance. They’ll say things that this contains the precise antioxidants to prevent aging skin. They’ll also say things like this has so many and sharks.

That it can help to reduce Aging in the brain or like symptoms of aging in the brain. So you take this product. You will quote never forget a friend’s name again. You’ll remember we put your keys things like that that just seems it over-the-top. I think that could have been worded a bit more responsibly in my opinion.

Finally, there is some study link to some of the claims in this product. That I think I’m very well backed up. So like for example, they’ll say the included blueberries. Because blueberries are really good for boosting metabolism.

They’ll link a study, but the study is on rats who had like ten percent of their diet consisting of blueberries. This again has like under 2 grams under one gram of blueberries. So I don’t think it’s gonna have the same effect and that sort of pattern repeated in a lot of these for the studies that. They cited, so yeah it’s not super transparent. I think the claims have been backed up a little bit better.

Alright, so there are my thoughts on identifies red juice for the full written review. Where I talk a little bit more about these studies. just Google Barban plus organifi red juice.

Organifi red juice
Organifi red juice