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Staying positive during coronavirus

Staying positive during coronavirus

Positive thinking and human power to cure illness and also COVID -19, where we should staying positive during coronavirus.

The power of human brain and some of practices in medicine which could have great impact on patient health well. The human brain to be precise here human brain is powerful healing tool if given the chance the idea. Our brain can convince our body, that this particular treatment is real thing. The stimulate healing can be as effective as conventional treatments the placebo is more than positive thinking believing a treatment. We’ll walk it is about creating a stronger connection between body the brain and how they work together.

It involves complex new biological reactions that includes everything from increase in feel-good neurotransmitters and dopamine, which is creating activity in certain brain regions so basically four factors are involved;

Firstly expectation and conditioning. Secondly the human brain. Third factor is evolved health regulation, which shows that body of a mammal has developed helpful physiological response to pathogens for instance fever helps removing bacteria. They vault Health regulation theory suggests that a strong belief in medication or intervention might relieve symptoms fourth and very important factor being psyche on your immunology psyche.

New area of scientific studies it studies direct a factor of brain activity on the immune system. The pathways by which the brain impacts the immune system are complex but expecting improvement in health can impact the efficacy of individuals immune system, in other words a positive outlook can help stop off illness.

So staying positive during coronavirus, where the positive outlook is the key, here which simply means that we need to treat the psychology of the patient along with physiological and pathological treatment

I have mentioned placebo effect, here not for any clinical trials but just to signify the power of human mind and how can it make any treatment much more effective now.So, trying to stay positive at work

How to stay positive during coronavirus

 I relating it to covet 19 epidemic situation. In other simple words what is happening is that covet 19 has created negative impact in most population around. Once any person is getting infected the fear and it is precipitated more when they reach hospitals, since now patients of social awareness, that the worst scenario is that currently there is no treatment or vaccine available for this infraction and moreover they are worried about their family members and mind set up that maybe they cannot see their family again. There is negativity going on in patient mind and disco decorate their health even more now maybe a person would only have mild symptoms but due to fear and negativity in mind the symptoms get worse amount of reuse that doctors need to treat this the psychological aspect of disease along with the pathological and physiological treatment.

corona virus
staying positive during coronavirus

I understand the front line doctors are doing great jobs. It’s not easy to cope up with increasing patient load but we are directly or indirectly depending on patients immune system and we want immune response to be triggered to this level that it can quite often function and hence patient can improve. Now the point is that immune response is most efficient. When a patient is confident and relaxed not it is difficult but it can be achieved by taking patient in confidence by using simple words like you will be fine, your family is fine and you will see them soon by having confidence in your voice and telling them we have got the treatment for you.

Hence boasting patients confidence so whatever treatment we are doing whether its antiviral medication and a tricolor indication or anything else if the patient is confident things will work in right direction  firstly patient with mild symptoms will recover very quickly secondly if patients under breathing issues there are chances that patient own will to fight against infraction becomes extremely strong.

Hence the positive outcome can be achieved. So doctor and patients communication need to be enhanced. We need to take the patient in confidence for that along with front line medical and surgical staff there could be a team of psychological experts who can just boost a patient’s barrelled along with this some physiological sessions

One point to mention here is that doctors can feel confident to attend patient closely if they have adequate personal protective equipment and here is a message for people worldwide please think positive because if you think positive you can fight off any situation or cope up with any illness and COVID -19. So, Staying positive during coronavirus

Light music therapies can make the environment of the hospital a bit lighter, basically we need to make a positive environment for patient in hospitals if we want positive outcome

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